Noa Yanni


For further info hit me up at:

You can send an email to where you can describe your idea, attaching reference photos, of existing tattoos or real subjects (consider that the photo must be of high quality so that you can perform every little detail, better the quality, the better the tattoo will be). You will also need to add photos of the part of the body you want to tattoo. You will receive an answer as soon as possible. It is also possible to fill in the dedicated form directly on the website.

We book appointments both in person and by email; if you have the opportunity to go in person for a free consultation; you can find us at:

– Pieve a Nievole (PT) – via Mezzomiglio 35/A — MON/SAB, 9.30 / 13.00 — 15 / 19.30 — 3491259519
– Pietrasanta (LU) – via Nazario Sauro 48 — MON/SAB, 11.00 / 19.00 — 3273081797
– Lucca (LU) – Corso Garibaldi 97 — MON/SAB, 11.00 / 19.00 — 3511470025

I like to create compositions where I combine photographic elements with graphic parts; I carry out a search for specific images related to the proposed project, based on my canons of reference, and I work on the project. it is possible to create anything that can be photographed (portraits, objects and landscapes), but also abstract ideas to be composed in my style using images and photographs.

It is usually no longer than three months. The booking list is periodically closed, so as to be able to manage appointments in the short term. So you won’t have to wait too long for your tattoo

The cost of a tattoo depends on many factors such as size, body part and chosen subjects. Write to with your idea to get a free preventive.

Preparation for the tattoo begins a few weeks before your appointment: use a moisturizer daily on the area that you will need to tattoo in order to keep it as soft as possible; the tattoo will look better. On the day of your appointment, you must show up on time, unaccompanied: access to the tattoo parlor is only allowed for the client. I recommend that you come wearing comfortable clothes and remember to keep yourself free for the time necessary for the session.

You can follow the instructions contained in this PDF.

Making a cover of an old tattoo has specific limits and constraints. I carefully evaluate each case in order to proceed only if the result of the cover will be of an adequate quality. I really like to test myself and I’m sure that with the right images you can have an amazing result. For a consultation, go to the studio or send an email to

I respond with accuracy and precision to all the emails I receive; in addition, all request emails receive an automatic response of receipt, if you did not receive it, check that you have correctly written the email address.